Access Control Systems

We offer the same alarm control panel for both commercial and residential use.

With a comprehensive security system using access control solutions from Security Solutions, you can know for sure exactly who is where and when in your home or business. We assign each guest in your home or employee at your business with a unique security code. We provide reports so you can see when your alarms are disarmed and by whom, giving you ultimate control. Security Solutions has gate access and intercom systems, and can integrate your alarm systems with your access control systems, all customized to your specific needs.

The purpose of controlling access is to prevent unauthorized people from being where they shouldn’t.
Access Control allows the least restricted freedom of movement for people who are authorized to enter an area. Security Solutions will evaluate your needs and then plan and implement a comprehensive access control plan that will integrate all your systems for ultimate control.

Security Solutions offers a wide range of access control products and solutions to meet your needs.

Our products support current RFID requirements, so you can integrate new or updated products or features into your current system. We have biometric systems available, where your fingerprint is your key. We specialize in facility management services, so our design team understands how to engineer a system to best meet your needs.

An effective access control system does more than read cards and unlock doors or open gates.
Security Solutions offers a customized and fully-integrated system to protect your assets, your staff, and your buildings. We can integrate your CCTV with your access control solution, and provide ID badge solutions with advanced features, like smart card technology and biometrics for additional security. Call Security Solutions today for your free consultation with one of our security experts. You’ll be glad you did when you gain the
peace of mind that comes with trusting your security to Security Solutions.