Alarms Systems

At Security Solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of alarm and security products for both residential and commercial use.

We can also integrate your alarm system with your access control system to provide an automated solution. Our alarm solutions are completely customizable, giving you the options that best meet your needs.

Our alarm systems options include:

  • Smoke and heat sensors
  • Glass breaking sensors
  • Motion detectors
  • Window and door sensors, and much more!

Home Security – System Features Video
In-Touch eMail & Text Messages Video– Residential 

Wireless/Remote Alarms Systems

Security Solutions offers you network, landline, or mobile alarm backup, so you can access your system remotely to arm or disarm it with a call or a text, from anywhere. Your system can also provide you with text and alarm updates depending on the activity you want to monitor. An alarm system from Security Solutions will not only give you peace of mind, it will save you money! Insurance companies offer discounts on rates to customers who install security systems to protect their home or business. Contact us for more details today to see how we can save you worry and money.

Fire Alarm Systems

A fire is a devastating event, threatening lives and possessions alike, and destroying swiftly and indiscriminately. Go to bed at night knowing your home is protected with fire alarm services from Security Solutions. Our systems are engineered to provide early detection of smoke and fire, allowing for quick and safe evacuation from a potentially deadly situation. Our 24-hour monitoring center will notify the appropriate fire department, dispatching help to your home immediately to minimize damage and danger.