Apps & Monitoring Systems:

apps contentVirtual Keypad App

The Virtual Keypad App provides Apple iPhone/iPad and Android owners with the ability to access a number of security system keypad functions remotely via cellular or wi-fi network connection.  The App allows users to remotely control lights, thermostats, door locks, appliances, cameras and more via an easy-to-use interface along with standard features such as arming/disarming, checking status, area arming and output control.

The Virtual Keypad App, like most Apps, is downloaded and configured in a matter of seconds from the App Store or the Google Play Store via cellular or wi-fi network connections.  For both residential and commercial system owners, the attractive interface provides fast, easy access to the most commonly used system functions.

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Monitoring Services

Security Solutions is pleased to offer alarm monitoring through privately owned partner companies.

These companies use state of the art alarm control centers that are UL-listed and built to meet top level industry standards. The alarm control centers are physically secure, and protected by fire, access control, and CCTV systems, with full-time UPS battery backup and gas backup generators for independent and redundant energy supplies.

Security Solutions has been providing your neighbors in Junction City, Manhattan, Abilene and surrounding areas with monitoring services through our security partners for decades.

Over the years, we’ve developed relationships with local utilities companies to place the alarm control centers on their Priority Service Lists, so in the event of loss of access to your investment, or a citywide power outage or catastrophe, you’ll be safer, sooner.

Security experts trained and equipped to handle any emergency that comes their way.

The alarm control centers run by our security partners undergo regularly and robust testing. Staff participate in regular monthly training sessions in order to remain current on security trends and to constantly improve their practices. The security industry changes daily, and you can be sure Security Solutions only partners with companies on the leading edge of innovation, just like we are.

Security Solutions has commercial alarm monitoring available through its partners.

You can monitor your organization around the clock, ensuring your assets and resources are protected from theft and vandalism. We can implement systems where your employees can access panic buttons and instantly alert security and law enforcement of security issues when they arise.

A breach of your building or perimeter can trigger an alarm that calls the appropriate law enforcement officials, deterring thieves and vandals from damaging or destroying your property or causing harm to your employees. Contact Security Solutions today for your free consultation. You can speak with one of our security experts about your monitoring needs.

Trust your security needs to the company with all the solutions – Security Solutions!