HD Cameras & CCTV Systems

Security Solutions provides innovative on-the-edge HD Cameras & CCTV technology with unmatched customer service.

The result is amazing clarity and reliability in your HD Camera service.  We use network based HD Megapixel Camera technology with Avigilon Software, giving you a clear and crisp picture that maximizes your surveillance capabilities.  Take a moment to understand the difference between IP network based CCTV vs. traditional analog CCTV.

World-class HD Camera systems at competitive prices.

In the analog CCTV application, security cameras capture an analog video signal and transfer that signal over coax cable to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR).  Each camera is powered by an external power supply using a cable which bundles the video and the power cables.  The DVR converts the analog signal to digital and stores it on a hard drive for later retrieval. 

Security Solutions provides state-of-the-art Digital CCTV technology.

In the IP CCTV application, each network camera sends a digital video stream over the local area network (LAN) using Ethernet (CAT5 or CAT6) cable or a wireless network.  Power is supplied to the cameras through the Ethernet cable via Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) adapters built into the cameras and at the (POE enabled) switch.  The ethernet Cable for each camera is plugged into the switch which feeds into the network hub.  A Network Video Recorder (NVR) performs the same function as the DVR in the analog CCTV system.  It captures each camera’s signal, compresses, and records it.  The main difference is that the video feeds are digital (and much higher resolution) and not analog.

Quality & Coverage

The Avigilon software built into your NVR provides High-Definition Stream Management technology, which preserves complete image integrity through visually lossless compression, while intelligently managing bandwidth and storage.  When you couple it with the broadest range of megapixel cameras in the industry, you get a superior image quality and maximum coverage.