Medical Alarms

At Security Solutions, we monitor more than fire. We monitor your well-being.

What if you or your loved one needs a medical alarm to call for help when you need it? A slip and fall can happen anywhere, at any time, but what if you can’t reach the telephone for help? How long before someone comes to your aid? If you or your loved one lives alone, a medical alarm will give you peace of mind like no other. Armed with a medical alarm, you can help your loved one age in place, and avoid institutionalized elderly care.

With a medical alarm from Security Solutions, you can summon help with the push of a button.

Medical Alarms provide you with easy access to help from anywhere in your home, using a personal transmitter you carry at all times. A live operator will speak directly to you through the unit to find out what you need and send help to you. Personal medical alarms are simple, lifesaving devices that can make all the difference for you or your aging loved one.

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